Clone Wars!

This year’s competition! There will only be THREE rounds! Unless the same person wins both rounds. Then the third is kinda pointless.

Here’s the deal. A local pro brewer will challenge us to clone one of their beers. Whoever clones the closest wins!

Round 1!

Barrel of Monks – White Wizard Wit – July 18
We will be provided with a partial recipe. The beer will be judged at a mini competition that will also feature a ‘crowd favorite’ award. BOM is going to be selling tickets for unlimited tastings, so bring your best. This is OUR backyard!

Bring your wit, bring another keg for the crowd favorite and may the best beer win!
Too lazy to brew? Come on by, buy a ticket and drink awesome beer on the cheap!

Round 2!

Royal Palm – 1000 Thanks – Date TBD

No details on this one. Stay tuned!

Round 3!  – Jupiter Beer Fest  – Jan. 2021

The winners of rounds 1 and 2 will each brew 5 gallons of DEEZ/DOZE NUTS.  The fest customers will choose a fan favorite, who will be the 2020 CLONE WARRIOR!